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Light and lamps Selection Principle For Living Room And Bedroom Occasions

November 18, 2015

Living room and bedroom are the two important places in a house. Living room is the public place in a house where we meet friends or family members, as the main source of lighting for living room, light or lamps are very important thing both for decoration and bright the room. While bedroom is that place where are take rest, in order to have good sleep or relax ourselves, bedroom lights and lamps are also important.

Large Pendant Lighting

Living room chandelier selection principle
1 Living room is the public place for family in a house. Where has comprehensive feature so that multi-light mustsuch as used for living room.
2 Living room chandelier or pedant light must fit all furniture in the room with with to create a elegant great meeting room.
3 If the living room is lager then 20 square meters with 3 meter high from the ceiling to floor. Large Pendant Lighting is good idea for this living room
4 if a small living room with relatively short ceiling. Mini ceiling light with 2.3 meter high from floor is best choice.
4 Spotlight able to create an unique room environment, can be installed over around the pedant light above the the furniture to be an accented providing layering.

bedroom light selection principle
1 Bedroom is taking rest place where demands dark light shape or semi-translucent light. Three switches install on the wall nearby the door and bedside positions.
2 Better to choose orange light or light yellow light and other warm lights to create a sweet warm room.
3 There must some bedside lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces except to the chandelier or pedant light in bedroom. For those subsidiarity lamps can provide a partial light and being a decoration for bedroom.

Technology process of Tiffany floor lamps

August 28, 2015

Handmade craftsman make the Tiffany shape, which is different from the machine, welding line is not very harmony.

Every light is various in style, there are watermark glass, glass spots, jumping colored glass, pattern glass and so on, surface is not so smooth like ordinary glass, there are watermark, spots and son, since the surface of glass is plain, now we have to make it bend, so the connecting part would not be so smooth, even though every glass is different in the size, as for the color different with screws, that is not the quality problem.

Tiffany lamps

Since the Tiffany lamps with glass shade would be cut into pieces, at the same time, we surround the shade with bronze, at the same time, we could manage it with welding, that may lose the clear sound, that is not because that the Tiffany glass shade would not be made by glass. If the glass shade is with many pieces, then that would be very unique.

Tiffany lamps

The above could be the technology process of Tiffany floor lamps, hope these would help you in purchasing the Tiffany floor lamps.

Description of ceiling fans with lights

July 29, 2015

Decorative ceiling fans with lights are the best combination of Glass Mini Pendant Lights and ceiling fans, which could be with lights, at the same time, that could be the first choice of decorative lights. At times, some decorative ceiling fans with lights are not include the lights, since its style and colors would be equipped with best decorative effect.

ceiling fans with lights

Nowadays, room decorative could be equipped with pretty ordinary ceiling fans with ceiling fans with lights, which could not satisfy the pretty attitude, the ceiling fans with lights have been the best choice, the ceiling fans with lights could be around the America for many years, in these years, that could be popular in the country, at times, because of cheap price, that could be accepted by others, what are the advantages of decorative ceiling fans with lights?

ceiling fans with lights

In these years, we have developed the ceiling fans with lights, which could be in the market around, which could be the signal and multi-color, the style could be simple and unique Italy charming, the style could be classic and luxury Rome style, mystery and simple style could be the decorative charming.

Knowledge of crystal chandeliers

July 3, 2015

Crystal chandeliers would be made of gorgeous and elegant crystal. That is unique design high value, crystal is a symbol of pure and noble, crystal lighting also represents the light and hope.

In the living room, we could choose large ceiling lights and other lighting fixture, and we also could add some small chandeliers to change our atmosphere, even we are at home, we also could enjoy the taste of the hotel. Different crystal chandeliers would be equipped with different effect, that could reply on the style of crystal chandeliers. If you want the crystal chandeliers at home, then we could choose some pretty and colorful chandeliers, that keeps your environment lively. Crystal chandeliers refract sunshine at home, becomes dots in floor.


That makes the dreamy night, so does the day, the small crystal chandeliers could be the beautiful scenery.

In fact, many places would be valuable because of itself, just like home, we make the family as the place we have the rest. We give home a good name, so it becomes valuable, so do the crystal chandeliers. In other eyes, that could be ordinary product, but it is different in your eyes. So the warm home filled with our emotion, then that could be warm for us.

How to install the ceiling lights in right method?

June 2, 2015

If you install the ceiling lights in the ceiling rooms and stimulate room. In the structure of the room, we could install the ceiling lights of the structure, we could install the embedded bolt, bolt embedded and nylon plugs or plastic plugs, we had better not use chuck. Above accessories could be equipped with the weight of the ceiling lights. In order to keep ceiling light solid and relied.

When we install the ceiling lights, we had better notice the connection of lamps and safety, in the connections, that could suffer the weight of 4 lamps and not change the style.

modern criling lights

The bolt on the bottom of the fixture could not less than the lamp, at the same time, the diameter of the bolt could be equipped with the holes. If the base is not with the hole, then the fixture could fix 2 bolts on the base, at the same time, the focus of the fixture could be the same with the bolt, we could choose the platform with 75mm diameter, then we could fix it with the bolt.

The ceiling lights could not be installed in the hot products, some family would place the ceiling lights behind the painting, in fact it is dangerous, we had better take adventure of the heat, if the surface of the lamp could be close to the hot products, we also could choose heat insulation.

Before we install the ceiling lights, we had better check the lines, toward each lamp wire core section, copper cord is not less than 0.4mm. The copper core is not less than 0.5 mm, otherwise lead must be replaced. Wire and lamp holder connection, socket of parallel conductors connected to firmly, electrical contact should be good, so as not to due to bad contact, spark generated between the wire with the terminal, it could be dangerous.

If you are interested in more of ceiling light,then go to lightsinhome.com

5 Styles Of Halter Evening Dresses

January 19, 2015

Many women like halter dress, for the dress can both show your back an the shoulder. So the halter evening dresses are very popular now. You can choose the style and the color you like. The online store is very cheap and with good quality.

1. A Dark Royal Blue Elegant Dress
A Dark Royal Blue Elegant Dress

2. Teal Jeweled Straps Halter Neck Evening Dress 
Halter Evening Dresses

Halter Evening Dresses

4. Dark Blue Satin Sleeveless Halter V-neck A-line Floor Length Ruched Evening Dress
Halter Evening Dresses

5. Empire Halter Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dresses Evening Dresses
Halter Evening Dresses

Common Bohemian curtains

January 14, 2015

Bohemian curtains are becoming more and more popular within these years. The luxurious and offbeat style make it much more elegant and full of outstanding personality is. Most people will choose those patterns with natural plants and animals, plus some natural color of the provisions, and concise and wild. We are following the recommendation of several people for the Bohemian style decoration.

First, the vintage style
This style of this kind of home decorative paid much attention to the l structure fluctuation. Rounded arches and windows, both full of Bohemian characteristics, and it also reflects the characteristics of living style, furniture is usually choose retro solid wood furniture as decorations. Metal texture of the jewelry can reflect the strong local characteristics.

Dark purple curtain
Picture: Dark purple curtain

Two, fashionable style
This Bohemian fashion style, combined with the gypsy style can create a modern stylish urban atmosphere. furniture also choose fashion style, coupled with the strong contrast of the ornament embellishment,to highlight the fashion and style characteristics of Bohemian wild.

Fashionable Shower Curtains
Picture: Fashionable Shower Curtains

Three, mixed style
Bohemian itself including Gypsy style, Germany style, India style. The style is a mixture of the mix of these styles, which is clever unifies in together, focusing on their advantages which are embodied in a room and let people feel that has full-bodied different region amorous feelings. The design gist is not separated from the designers.

Classic Home Curtains
Picture: Bedroom Decor With Chippy Paint

Four, the classical style
Bohemian style curtains with classical style is close to nature. It can make the animals and plants much more vivid through the bright red yellow blue, express effectively and make the goods more representative. This can reflect the style of the Bohemian curtains.

Classic Home Curtains
Picture: Classic home curtains

5 Kinds of Blue Party Dresses

January 4, 2015

Now the party has become an important part of the work, business, communication and life. The self-image in the party need pay more attention. So for the party animals who often attend the parties, the dress has become one important thing for them to consider. Blue is a very elegant and noble color, many women will choose this color. So the blue party dresses are very popular now.

1. Strapless Mini Blue Taffeta Sheath Column Cocktail/Party Dress
Blue Party Dresses

2. Blue Party Dresses 2014-2015
Blue Party Dresses

3. Sheath Short Length V-Neck Blue Sleeveless Stretch Chiffon Cocktail Party Dress 2012
Blue Party Dresses

4. Scoop Neck Organza Blue Appliqued Infant Birthday Party Dress
Scoop Neck Organza Blue Appliqued Infant Birthday Party Dress

5. A Line Strapless Short Mini Royal Blue Sequin Sweet Sixteen Cocktail Party Dress
Blue Party Dresses

How to carry out the star dress collocation

November 3, 2014

We often see in some concert or some TV shows, stars have dressed beautiful dress which would attract the sight of a lot of people, but they did not know, in fact, there is no difference between the ordinary people and the stars, they also pay much attention to the dress collocation which should match with the dress according to different occasions, and the brokers would help to the select dress for stars. Here we are  like to see the classic match of the cheap celebrity dresses.

1 the concert

In the concert which we went to hear, basically during the whole concert, the dresses of stars wear would not the same, but eventually we would feel every dress is very suitable for this concert. In fact, this is also one of the technical problems that according to the different kinds of songs to choose a more suitable dress for the star.

Luxurious Graceful V Neck Champagne Sequined Floor Length Empire Waist Celebrity Dress

2 take part in the entertainment program

when we are watching some entertainment programs and find celebrities wearing the dress fine. In fact, the stars are going to participate in the entertainment; they often choose the dress which makes them look adorable, handsome and so on. Actually it is not because of the clothes, it is because people. However clothes are inseparable, because when they attend many entertainment programs, they will choose different bright and colored dress, especially some leisure style clothes. They are seldom found that star to attend these entertainment occasions dressed in non work suits, of course there is, but it is minority, shoes of course in which will select casual style, black as far as possible of course do not appear, here are the highlights for the stars cloth matching.

Never too much followed with the stars styles which you find in the TV show, although the clothes and matching are beautiful, it would not all suit to wear in our daily life, we should try to get the shining points of the matching idea and make use in our own wearing, it would be the most useful use for caring about the stars鈥� clothes. And we also should have our own style which accumulated in our life and work gradually, Stars鈥� cloth is not the important points, what you are wearing and matching is the aim. Learn from the stars and make up yourself, you would be the shining star at any time both in the daily life and in the work process.

How to Choose the Color Of Chiffon Prom Dress

October 22, 2014

There are all kinds of style and type of prom dress. Such as classic prom dress, European prom dress, off-the-shoulder prom dress, prom dress with straps, spaghetti hem prom dress, mermaid prom dress and so on. The fabric of the prom dress is also have so much. Such as silk prom dress, chiffon prom dress, lace prom dress, satin prom dress, organza prom dress and so on. Today I will talk about the chiffon prom dress with you. Chiffon prom dress is a use chiffon fabric made of and it is appropriate to wear on prom dress.

First, What is the Chiffon

Chiffon, also known as Georgette. Chiffon is the main raw material toile or silk. Then through the complex craft to made the chiffon fabric. The advantages of chiffon fabric is very apparently. It is very soft with smooth feel and clear and transparent appearance. And It is very flexible. And its good ventilation. It is particularly suitable for making dresses, evening dresses and scarves so upscale.

Since the main production materials chiffon fabric is cotton, silk or faux silk. So, of fabric compared with the other kind. Colored chiffon fabric easier. It virtually any desired color can be dyed. And the chiffon prom dress make the chiffon as the main fabric. So chiffon prom dress has so many different color.

A Lively and Sweet Prom Dress

Second, Color of Chiffon prom dress

Faced with the many different colors of chiffon prom dress should we choose? In fact, clothing color choices should be based on individual more different complexion. Chiffon prom dress selection is no exception.

1, the white color is more suitable for girls pink color prom dress. And try to avoid other more deep red or black color.

2, Dark skin and health - beautiful girls you can choose light-colored prom dress. Because it may be off color. And can display the health advantages. This black skin beautiful girls should try to avoid choosing pink dress. Otherwise, the skin will look more black.

3, Yellow skin beautiful girls tend to be more suitable for intermediate color prom dress. Select style and try to avoid overly complex chiffon prom dress.

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