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Light and lamps Selection Principle For Living Room And Bedroom Occasions

November 18, 2015

Living room and bedroom are the two important places in a house. Living room is the public place in a house where we meet friends or family members, as the main source of lighting for living room, light or lamps are very important thing both for decoration and bright the room. While bedroom is that …

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Technology process of Tiffany floor lamps

August 28, 2015

Handmade craftsman make the Tiffany shape, which is different from the machine, welding line is not very harmony.

Every light is various in style, there are watermark glass, glass spots, jumping colored glass, pattern glass and so on, surface is not so smooth like ordinary glass, there are waterm…

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Description of ceiling fans with lights

July 29, 2015

Decorative ceiling fans with lights are the best combination of Glass Mini Pendant Lights and ceiling fans, which could be with lights, at the same time, that could be the first choice of decorative lights. At times, some decorative ceiling fans with lights are not include the lights, since its styl…

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Knowledge of crystal chandeliers

July 3, 2015

Crystal chandeliers would be made of gorgeous and elegant crystal. That is unique design high value, crystal is a symbol of pure and noble, crystal lighting also represents the light and hope.

In the living room, we could choose large ceiling lights and other lighting fixture, and we also could add…

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How to install the ceiling lights in right method?

June 2, 2015

If you install the ceiling lights in the ceiling rooms and stimulate room. In the structure of the room, we could install the ceiling lights of the structure, we could install the embedded bolt, bolt embedded and nylon plugs or plastic plugs, we had better not use chuck. Above accessories could be …

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5 Styles Of Halter Evening Dresses

January 19, 2015

Many women like halter dress, for the dress can both show your back an the shoulder. So the halter evening dresses are very popular now. You can choose the style and the color you like. The online store is very cheap and with good quality.

1. A Dark Royal Blue Elegant Dress
A Dark Royal Blue Elegant Dress

2. …

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Common Bohemian curtains

January 14, 2015

Bohemian curtains are becoming more and more popular within these years. The luxurious and offbeat style make it much more elegant and full of outstanding personality is. Most people will choose those patterns with natural plants and animals, plus some natural color of the provisions, and concise an…

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5 Kinds of Blue Party Dresses

January 4, 2015

Now the party has become an important part of the work, business, communication and life. The self-image in the party need pay more attention. So for the party animals who often attend the parties, the dress has become one important thing for them to consider. Blue is a very elegant and noble color,…

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How to carry out the star dress collocation

November 3, 2014

We often see in some concert or some TV shows, stars have dressed beautiful dress which would attract the sight of a lot of people, but they did not know, in fact, there is no difference between the ordinary people and the stars, they also pay much attention to the dress collocation which should mat…

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How to Choose the Color Of Chiffon Prom Dress

October 22, 2014

There are all kinds of style and type of prom dress. Such as classic prom dress, European prom dress, off-the-shoulder prom dress, prom dress with straps, spaghetti hem prom dress, mermaid prom dress and so on. The fabric of the prom dress is also have so much. Such as silk prom dress, chiffon prom …

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Beautiful ball gown wedding dresses

October 10, 2014

This is one thing about the dress, for foreigners, it is a matter not be underestimated, because the dress on behalf of a person is good or bad impression to others, is a person's first face, and life of foreigners which is essential for a dress clothing, social activities because they are many, mar…

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Short evening dress make you more full of temperament

September 23, 2014

Each dress is basically one of the equipment necessary for a female friend now, because there are too many parties in our lives is a formal gathering or among friends now, and this situation is usually a lot of female friends would choose a nice and sexy dress, both to show their taste, they can att…

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Bridesmaid dress is a bright color in the wedding

September 3, 2014

Let you do the bridesmaids, bride shows great confidence in you, that she attached great importance to the friendship of your sister, so you must consider the good bridesmaid dress, do not cause some embarrassment to the wedding, here are 2014 cheap bridesmaid dress choice.

First, a straight body…

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Elegant Evening Dresses

August 12, 2014

1. Elegant Black Brush Train Beading Chiffon Evening Dress

Elegant Black Brush Train Beading Chiffon Evening Dress

2. Elegant Empire Royal Blue Evening Dress
Elegant Empire Royal Blue Evening Dress

3. Elegant Round Neck Floor Length Natural Backless Evening Dress
Elegant Round Neck Floor Length Natural Backless Evening Dress

4. Evening Elegant Dresses
Evening Elegant Dresses

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How to choose a beautiful ball gown wedding dresses

July 19, 2014

At the wedding ceremony, dressing a white wedding dresses is perfect for every bride which can add a beautiful and romantic feeling, so everyone who attend the wedding is pleased for the couple to better understand the purity of love at the same time . When at the end of the wedding ceremony, the br…

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Long evening dresses with sleeves are gorgeous

June 17, 2014

Many women are very concern about pop trend, it is not difficult to find if you notice that recently two years, Europe luxury style and complex retro style are really popular, the designs for clothes are towards noble and elegant temperament type, under the environment of development, Evening dresse…

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