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Bridesmaid dress is a bright color in the wedding

September 3, 2014

Let you do the bridesmaids, bride shows great confidence in you, that she attached great importance to the friendship of your sister, so you must consider the good bridesmaid dress, do not cause some embarrassment to the wedding, here are 2014 cheap bridesmaid dress choice.

First, a straight body type bridesmaid dress, its style is very simple, but very generous, it is generally personal design, very good to show your body type, people look very sexy, elegant, but also very identity, does not seem very vulgar.

Second, she is very plump bridesmaids to choose a simple design wedding dress, straight cut, lace design will make you look more slender, slim, plus low collar design will be very simple, do not let the body is more plump, too much decoration gives the amount of feeling is very cumbersome, will widening people's vision, make you look fatter.

Sheath/Column Satin Lavender V-neck Floor-Length Zipper Types Bridesmaids Dresses

Third, tall and slim bridesmaids, but if you look very thin, especially thin, you have to choose the design shoulder dress, such as a shoulder pads, princess sleeves, lotus leaf sleeve, upper body the more decorative dress, so some people looked more plump, do not wear low-cut, strapless, otherwise you will put your weaknesses exposed.

Do not wear black, black dress is not suitable for the happy atmosphere in the wedding, if the wedding is very formal occasions, bridesmaids wear 2014 cheap bridesmaid dress, wear a longer dress, you can wear to the foot, and some long look formal, not too fluffy skirt, your skirt is still fluffy than the bride, so bad.

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