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Common Bohemian curtains

January 14, 2015

Bohemian curtains are becoming more and more popular within these years. The luxurious and offbeat style make it much more elegant and full of outstanding personality is. Most people will choose those patterns with natural plants and animals, plus some natural color of the provisions, and concise and wild. We are following the recommendation of several people for the Bohemian style decoration.

First, the vintage style
This style of this kind of home decorative paid much attention to the l structure fluctuation. Rounded arches and windows, both full of Bohemian characteristics, and it also reflects the characteristics of living style, furniture is usually choose retro solid wood furniture as decorations. Metal texture of the jewelry can reflect the strong local characteristics.

Dark purple curtain
Picture: Dark purple curtain

Two, fashionable style
This Bohemian fashion style, combined with the gypsy style can create a modern stylish urban atmosphere. furniture also choose fashion style, coupled with the strong contrast of the ornament embellishment,to highlight the fashion and style characteristics of Bohemian wild.

Fashionable Shower Curtains
Picture: Fashionable Shower Curtains

Three, mixed style
Bohemian itself including Gypsy style, Germany style, India style. The style is a mixture of the mix of these styles, which is clever unifies in together, focusing on their advantages which are embodied in a room and let people feel that has full-bodied different region amorous feelings. The design gist is not separated from the designers.

Classic Home Curtains
Picture: Bedroom Decor With Chippy Paint

Four, the classical style
Bohemian style curtains with classical style is close to nature. It can make the animals and plants much more vivid through the bright red yellow blue, express effectively and make the goods more representative. This can reflect the style of the Bohemian curtains.

Classic Home Curtains
Picture: Classic home curtains

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