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How to carry out the star dress collocation

November 3, 2014

We often see in some concert or some TV shows, stars have dressed beautiful dress which would attract the sight of a lot of people, but they did not know, in fact, there is no difference between the ordinary people and the stars, they also pay much attention to the dress collocation which should match with the dress according to different occasions, and the brokers would help to the select dress for stars. Here we are  like to see the classic match of the cheap celebrity dresses.

1 the concert

In the concert which we went to hear, basically during the whole concert, the dresses of stars wear would not the same, but eventually we would feel every dress is very suitable for this concert. In fact, this is also one of the technical problems that according to the different kinds of songs to choose a more suitable dress for the star.

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2 take part in the entertainment program

when we are watching some entertainment programs and find celebrities wearing the dress fine. In fact, the stars are going to participate in the entertainment; they often choose the dress which makes them look adorable, handsome and so on. Actually it is not because of the clothes, it is because people. However clothes are inseparable, because when they attend many entertainment programs, they will choose different bright and colored dress, especially some leisure style clothes. They are seldom found that star to attend these entertainment occasions dressed in non work suits, of course there is, but it is minority, shoes of course in which will select casual style, black as far as possible of course do not appear, here are the highlights for the stars cloth matching.

Never too much followed with the stars styles which you find in the TV show, although the clothes and matching are beautiful, it would not all suit to wear in our daily life, we should try to get the shining points of the matching idea and make use in our own wearing, it would be the most useful use for caring about the stars鈥� clothes. And we also should have our own style which accumulated in our life and work gradually, Stars鈥� cloth is not the important points, what you are wearing and matching is the aim. Learn from the stars and make up yourself, you would be the shining star at any time both in the daily life and in the work process.

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