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How to Choose the Color Of Chiffon Prom Dress

October 22, 2014

There are all kinds of style and type of prom dress. Such as classic prom dress, European prom dress, off-the-shoulder prom dress, prom dress with straps, spaghetti hem prom dress, mermaid prom dress and so on. The fabric of the prom dress is also have so much. Such as silk prom dress, chiffon prom dress, lace prom dress, satin prom dress, organza prom dress and so on. Today I will talk about the chiffon prom dress with you. Chiffon prom dress is a use chiffon fabric made of and it is appropriate to wear on prom dress.

First, What is the Chiffon

Chiffon, also known as Georgette. Chiffon is the main raw material toile or silk. Then through the complex craft to made the chiffon fabric. The advantages of chiffon fabric is very apparently. It is very soft with smooth feel and clear and transparent appearance. And It is very flexible. And its good ventilation. It is particularly suitable for making dresses, evening dresses and scarves so upscale.

Since the main production materials chiffon fabric is cotton, silk or faux silk. So, of fabric compared with the other kind. Colored chiffon fabric easier. It virtually any desired color can be dyed. And the chiffon prom dress make the chiffon as the main fabric. So chiffon prom dress has so many different color.

A Lively and Sweet Prom Dress

Second, Color of Chiffon prom dress

Faced with the many different colors of chiffon prom dress should we choose? In fact, clothing color choices should be based on individual more different complexion. Chiffon prom dress selection is no exception.

1, the white color is more suitable for girls pink color prom dress. And try to avoid other more deep red or black color.

2, Dark skin and health - beautiful girls you can choose light-colored prom dress. Because it may be off color. And can display the health advantages. This black skin beautiful girls should try to avoid choosing pink dress. Otherwise, the skin will look more black.

3, Yellow skin beautiful girls tend to be more suitable for intermediate color prom dress. Select style and try to avoid overly complex chiffon prom dress.

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