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How to install the ceiling lights in right method?

June 2, 2015

If you install the ceiling lights in the ceiling rooms and stimulate room. In the structure of the room, we could install the ceiling lights of the structure, we could install the embedded bolt, bolt embedded and nylon plugs or plastic plugs, we had better not use chuck. Above accessories could be equipped with the weight of the ceiling lights. In order to keep ceiling light solid and relied.

When we install the ceiling lights, we had better notice the connection of lamps and safety, in the connections, that could suffer the weight of 4 lamps and not change the style.

modern criling lights

The bolt on the bottom of the fixture could not less than the lamp, at the same time, the diameter of the bolt could be equipped with the holes. If the base is not with the hole, then the fixture could fix 2 bolts on the base, at the same time, the focus of the fixture could be the same with the bolt, we could choose the platform with 75mm diameter, then we could fix it with the bolt.

The ceiling lights could not be installed in the hot products, some family would place the ceiling lights behind the painting, in fact it is dangerous, we had better take adventure of the heat, if the surface of the lamp could be close to the hot products, we also could choose heat insulation.

Before we install the ceiling lights, we had better check the lines, toward each lamp wire core section, copper cord is not less than 0.4mm. The copper core is not less than 0.5 mm, otherwise lead must be replaced. Wire and lamp holder connection, socket of parallel conductors connected to firmly, electrical contact should be good, so as not to due to bad contact, spark generated between the wire with the terminal, it could be dangerous.

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