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Light and lamps Selection Principle For Living Room And Bedroom Occasions

November 18, 2015

Living room and bedroom are the two important places in a house. Living room is the public place in a house where we meet friends or family members, as the main source of lighting for living room, light or lamps are very important thing both for decoration and bright the room. While bedroom is that place where are take rest, in order to have good sleep or relax ourselves, bedroom lights and lamps are also important.

Large Pendant Lighting

Living room chandelier selection principle
1 Living room is the public place for family in a house. Where has comprehensive feature so that multi-light mustsuch as used for living room.
2 Living room chandelier or pedant light must fit all furniture in the room with with to create a elegant great meeting room.
3 If the living room is lager then 20 square meters with 3 meter high from the ceiling to floor. Large Pendant Lighting is good idea for this living room
4 if a small living room with relatively short ceiling. Mini ceiling light with 2.3 meter high from floor is best choice.
4 Spotlight able to create an unique room environment, can be installed over around the pedant light above the the furniture to be an accented providing layering.

bedroom light selection principle
1 Bedroom is taking rest place where demands dark light shape or semi-translucent light. Three switches install on the wall nearby the door and bedside positions.
2 Better to choose orange light or light yellow light and other warm lights to create a sweet warm room.
3 There must some bedside lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces except to the chandelier or pedant light in bedroom. For those subsidiarity lamps can provide a partial light and being a decoration for bedroom.

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