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Technology process of Tiffany floor lamps

August 28, 2015

Handmade craftsman make the Tiffany shape, which is different from the machine, welding line is not very harmony.

Every light is various in style, there are watermark glass, glass spots, jumping colored glass, pattern glass and so on, surface is not so smooth like ordinary glass, there are watermark, spots and son, since the surface of glass is plain, now we have to make it bend, so the connecting part would not be so smooth, even though every glass is different in the size, as for the color different with screws, that is not the quality problem.

Tiffany lamps

Since the Tiffany lamps with glass shade would be cut into pieces, at the same time, we surround the shade with bronze, at the same time, we could manage it with welding, that may lose the clear sound, that is not because that the Tiffany glass shade would not be made by glass. If the glass shade is with many pieces, then that would be very unique.

Tiffany lamps

The above could be the technology process of Tiffany floor lamps, hope these would help you in purchasing the Tiffany floor lamps.

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